At the same time, the system's alert rang:
[You successfully killed a navy captain!]
[You have completed the first primary task: Choose your path!]
[To receive the main task's reward, please complete the drawing of the Pirate flag as soon as possible.]
Hearing the system in his mind, Akira did not care for the naval soldiers lying on the ground, and directly used the Body Flicker Jutsu and came to a warship in a moments.
It is a small warship, and now there was no one on the warship except for the remaining marine soldier and a navigator.
Akira found the navigator on the ship, and after putting them under his Genjutsu, he took control of them, and then he immediately asked the navigator to sail with the warship.
The direction was Orange Town.
He needs Nami's navigational talent to guide him in the world of One Piece.
In the world of One Piece, the weather in the sea is the worst enemy of all the ships!
Even in the safest East Blue Sea, a sudden change in weather can destroy ships.
That is why Akira went to Orange Town for Nami's navigational talent!
At the same time, in another place, in the naval branch base, Roguetown, the East Blue Sea. Bastille, the Rear-Admiral of the Navy Headquarters who stayed at the base, held the report of Captain Nezumi's death in his hand.
Bastille slapped the hard wooden desk, shaking it, and stood up directly with an angry expression on his face.
"Arrogant pirate! He even dared to kill the navy soldiers in the East Blue Sea in front of the public. He still was a navy captain!"
During Bastille's long naval career, he encountered countless pirates, that he has defeated some of them and was defeated by other ones. Still, no one dared to humiliate the world government and navy headquarters.
Even the Yonkos of the new world are extremely cautious with the world government and navy headquarters!
A mere little pirate who just made his debut in the East Blue Sea didn't even put the Navy in his eyes. If he is not going severely punished, wouldn't the East Blue Sea immediately fall into chaos?!
As the most peaceful area of the four seas, the stability of the East Blue Sea has always been Bastille's priority.
The navy headquarters also rumored that he could return to the headquarters to be promoted to Admiral as long as he will stay at the branch base of Rougetown in the East Blue Sea for two more years with a good record!
"Rear-Admiral Bastille, what should we do with Akira?"
A man sitting next to Bastille said. He has short silver hair and a large coat engraved with the word 'justice' on it; he also had a windproof eyeglass hanging around his neck and was holding a cigarette hand.
It was Smoker who asked aloud.
At first, after declaring the cause of the matter, he was very upset about what happened with Akira, but Akira's act of killing Captain Nezumi made Smoker even angrier.
In Smoker's viewpoint, Akira who killed Captain Nezumi, he naturally was capable of defeating him as well.
As long as they reported Captain Nezumi's actions to the Navy Headquarters, Smoker himself was very willing to give Akira the justice that he deserves.
However, Akira's decisive behavior has completely put him against the Navy.
Bastille took a heavy breath and forcibly suppressed his anger.
He indiffently said to Smoker: "Notify all branch bases in the East Blue Sea to include Akira on the list of dangerous pirates. Once Akira is found, immediately notify the naval branch base!".
After a pause, he continued: "In addition, you have to take two groups of soldiers to hunt down Akira. You must not allow the peace in the East Blue Sea to be broken by a new pirate boy!"
"Yes." Smoker nodded in a deep voice.
After patrolling on the warship, Akira entered the captain's room and asked the soldier under his control to find a canvas and paint to draw a pirate flag.
After thinking for a moment, Akira drew a white skull and two crossed bones on the canvas.
However, in the hollow eyes of the skeleton, he drew Uchiha Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan.
"From today, my pirate group is established."
"As for my pirate group's name, let's call it Akatsuki."
"The Akatsuki Pirates"
Akira was very satisfied with the name and admired the pirate flag that he just drew, and he let the marine soldier hang the pirate flag on the flagpole of the warship.
After he completed the task, he waited for the system response in his mind!
[The Host has obtained a Pirate Flag.]
[The Host has completed the first primary task: Choose your path!]
[Task Reward: the current character template attributes will be doubled.]
Following the system's alert, Akira only felt a terrifying physical force pouring into his body; simultaneously, the Sharingan in his eyes also began spinning rapidly. They were evolving as well!
The rising heat in his body that was brought by the evolving Sharingan caused Akira's body to be hugely transformed.
After a long time, this feeling slowly faded.
The increase in physical strength made Akira a little uncomfortable for a while, but after a little training after that, he easily mastered the new strength of the body.